4/1/2012: Bay Area Teen Takes Innovative Approach To Helping The Hungry
Big Check As Featured on KCBS Radio: Today Lick students worked together to sign up restaurants to donate their excess food to local charities. There were many supportive restaurants and we signed up several donors to the program. Here is a photo with one of the newest donors, Calabria Bris. We thank them for supporting the community with their donations.

5/31/2011: Los Gatos Students Raise $600 for Waste No Food
Big CheckWaste No Food is pleased to announce that three Los Gatos High School students have raised close to $600, Waste No Food's largest individual donation. The students, Thomas Greenley, Andy Sun and Fred Rong raised the money by selling organic smoothies at local venues including the farmer's markets and at soccer games. They also spread awareness about food waste and food distribution problems in California. Approximately eleven million Californians are food insecure.

4/10/2011: Waste No Food Announces Donor Restaurant in Daly City
Boulevard Cafe in Daly City becomes the first restaurant in the area to join Waste No Food's donation program. Owner Bill Panoutsopoulos has generously agreed to donate all leftovers on a daily basis. Waste No Food is currently looking for an organization to pick up the food.

4/1/2011: Waste No Food Announces Two Additional Restaurant Donors
Waste No Food is proud to announce that it has added two additional restaurant donors, Manresa in Los Gatos, CA and Plumed Horse in Saratoga, CA. Manresa is a two-star Michelin restaurant with James Beard award winning chef David Kinch at the helm. David Kinch stated, "Manresa is happy to be associated with Waste No Food and its mission. We are glad to help the program continue to grow." Plumed Horse is a one-star Michelin Restaurant with an emphasis on sustainable cuisine. General Manager, Josh Weeks said, "Plumed Horse is thrilled to partner with Waste No Food for the distribution of our artisanal & locally sourced surplus products." Waste No Food is grateful to these restaurants for playing a role in helping the needy within the community.

4/1/2011: Waste No Food Announces First Farm
Love Apple Farm in Santa Cruz, CA is a leading provider of biodynamic produce becomes Waste No Food's first farm partner. This farm is run by Cynthia Sandberg and more on Love Apple Farm can be read at www.growbetterveggies.com.

3/23/2011: Waste No Food Registered as a California Corporation
Waste No Food is now officially incorporated in the state of California as a non profit corporation. John Fox, founder of the law firm Fox Wang & Morgan was pivotal in helping us achieve this milestone. All donations to Waste No Food are tax deductible.

1/2011: Waste No Food Announces Third Restaurant Donor
Waste No Food has the privilege of announcing its third restaurant donor, Bai Tong Thai Bistro. Bai Tong has agreed to donate large quantities of food on specific days, to Bay Area charity Innvision. Waste No Food believes that this it is a great achievement to add a third restaurant donor and to look at other models for food distribution. Bai Tong Thai Bistro is an authentic Thai restaurant in Saratoga, CA. to is pleased to add another model for food distribution where donors can choose to donate on special occasions.

8/2010: Waste No Food Announces Second Restaurant Donor
Waste No Food is proud to announce its second restaurant donor, Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company. Similar to the arrangement worked out with first donor Dio Deka, Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company will store all of its excess food, which will be picked up by Bay Area charity Innvision. Waste No Food Executive Director Kiran Sridhar says, "We are thrilled to have LGCRC (Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company) as a donor. We have been very successful in establishing a program with Dio Deka and are excited to divert more food from landfills to hungry people." LGCRC is a coffee shop located in Los Gatos, CA.

7/2010: Waste No Food Announces First Restaurant Donor
Dio Deka Restaurant, located in Hotel Los Gatos in Los Gatos, CA, has officially become the first restaurant donor via Waste No Food. They are donating to Innvision, a Bay Area Charity serving nearly 30,000 low-income people in 26 sites across the Bay Area. Dio Deka will donate the excess food they accumulate on a weekly basis. Waste No Food Executive Director Kiran Sridhar says, "We are happy to announce that Dio Deka has become the first donor for Waste No Food. It will be a great opportunity to test the current system and adjust any kinks." Dio Deka is a one-star Michelin Restaurant, specializing in Greek cuisine.